Reporting Services

The economic reporting solution

Within companies, there is a continuous need for fast, flexible and targeted information. The FactsCloud reporting services of The Reporting Factory provide a unique and very complete way to meet this need within your complex multi-vendor system environment. You have the choice to outsource your entire internal and external B2B reporting requirements to us. This way, you have access to a very complete and innovative platform.

The Reporting Factory platform provides…

Your Business Reporting

Increase your competitive edge

The method of client information delivery is shifting. Standard output formats are no longer meeting the demands of transparent reporting. What customers really want is the ability to 'explore' and 'browse' the information and the flexibility to drill into specific areas of interest in an ad hoc way. Users want to understand how information is presented and what the underlying parameters are. They need this information to support everyday business decisions.

The trends clearly indicate that…

Your B2B Reporting

Keep your customers satisfied

Doing business with regular customers? Do you have a lot of specific service level agreements and contracts with these customers and you want the best possible way to keep your customers informed about all relevant information? Then B2B reporting services offered by The Reporting Factory is the easiest and most economical solution to keep your customers informed. Every customer has specific needs and wants certain information in its own way.

Our B2B reporting solution enables you…